Next Chapter Meeting - 8th Annual Rocky Mountain RIMS Educational Forum

The Rocky Mountain RIMS Chapter is planning a full day of educational and networking opportunities! October 23, 2014, 8:30 am - 4:00 PM, Courtyard by Marriott Denver Cherry Creek.


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Batten Down the Hatches: Watch Out for Whale Phishing

Many risk managers and corporate counsel are in a quandary over the latest crime wave to strike businesses—a flood of incidents involving what is known as whale-phishing. This occurs when criminals use a combination of emails and phone calls to perpetrate a fraud and scam companies out of large sums of money through fraudulent wire [...]

Dealing with Reputation Risk

Properly assessing risk is critical to any business. Successful businesspeople understand that every decision they make must be weighed against the potential risk to the company. This risk assessment must not be limited solely to situations directly related to the business itself, however. They must also consider reputation risk, or the risk events will have [...]

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