Meeting Presentations

February 2020 Meeting

May 2020 Meeting
   May 2020 Meeting Presentation

June 2020 Meeting
June 2020 Meeting Presentation  Password: 9k!Fx502

July 2020 Meeting
July Meeting Presentation  Password:  4l=!?3y$

August 2020 Meeting
    August Meeting Presentation   Passcode: z^Mh^77V

October 2020 Month of Learning
     Federal Legislative Update 2020 Passcode: @g&cNJt8

     Colorado Workers’ Compensation Legislation Update   Passcode: Aw?5YVSU

    Tough Love - Dealing with Difficult Claims Issues Passcode: NV1q$k*c

November 2020 Meeting
    The New Norms for Risk Mitigation

December 2020 Meeting
    Onsite Medical - Is it for you and how do you justify it?

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