Next Meeting: May 28th

Please join us for our next meeting. Program: Fleet Management Panel; Speakers: Holly Reynolds & Chris Stites, Samba Safety; Location: Maggiano’s DTC, Registration will be available in early May.


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Study Lists Most and Least Resilient Countries

Businesses are more dependent on their supply chains than ever, with supply chain disruption one of the leading causes of business instability. To thrive, companies need to be resilient, and part of that is their location and the location of suppliers. According to FM Global’s 2015 FM Global Resilience Index, Norway tops the list of [...]

Legal Lessons from Starbucks’ Race Together Campaign

One aspect of Starbucks Coffee’s recent “Race Together” campaign encouraged employees to engage customers in a discussion about race. This effort—which had employees write #racetogether on customers’ cups to encourage dialogue—was well intentioned. However, the speed at which it was scrapped shows just how difficult it is to incorporate political and social discussions into the [...]

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